STEVEN YOUNG, the Founder of Artefis Software, is an award-winning graphic artist with over 35 years experience in art direction, graphic design and copywriting. His experience working with clients of all sizes, from small businesses to multi-national corporations like Visa and AMD, inspired him to partner with programmer Julie Vaughan in creating CanDesign, the pioneering plug-in software which automated Adobe PageMaker. It is the prototype for an even more sophisticated plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC now being developed.


No other software can do what CanDesign does. It combines prefabricated artwork with original code in a single integrated system. It reduces complicated professional software to a single palette and mimics an artist's creative decisions and physical movements. When connected to complicated professional Adobe software, it enables users of any skill level to do whole brochure design jobs automatically in minutes instead of hours or days.


He and his wife Suzanne live in Newport Beach, California.